PostNLWe ship our packages with PostNL. After receiving the payment we send the products wich are in stock the same day. Products in stock and on weekdays before 20.00 are paid will be send the same day.

Track & Trace

If your package is shipped, you 'll receive around 21.30 an e-mail with the Track & Trace code of the products that are shipped.

Estimated delivery times

Country Delivery time in days
Belgium (BE) 1-2
Bulgaria (BG) 4-5
Denmark (DK) 2-3
Germany (DE) 2
Estonia (EE) 5
Finland (FI) 3-4
France (FR) 2-3
Great Britain (GB) 3-4
Hungary (HU) 3-5
Ireland (IE) 3-4
Italy (IT) 3-5
Latvia (LV) 4-5
Lithuania (LT) 4-5
Luxembourg (LU) 2
Austria (AT) 2-4
Poland (PL) 3-5
Portugal (PT) 3-5
Romania (RO) 4-5
Slovenia (SL) 4-5
Slovakia (SK) 3-5
Spain (ES) 3-5
Czech Republic(CZ) 3-5
Sweden (SE) 2-4
The rest of the world 2-3 weeks


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